Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2023

ENGLISH Version: Happy New Year 2024 - countdown Worldwide

 New Year's Eve countdown: celebrations worldwide / New Year 2024

When is today where tomorrow? At 11 a.m. CET people in the South Pacific are already celebrating January 1st, 2024 and at 1 p.m. CET the Baker and Howland Islands (USA)!

Germany and the rest of the world are heading into the New Year 2024

 New Year's Eve Countdown 2023 - New Year 2024 - worldwide. The New Year's Eve countdown is running in many news tickers and, like every year on December 31st, the question arises: Where is "tomorrow" now?! .... so New Year 2024. In this country, many will prepare their New Year's Eve punch and prepare the menus, while the rest of the world will start the New Year 2024 much earlier and much later. There is a small island republic or atoll on the equator in the South Pacific called "Kiribati", which was the first to celebrate the New Year at 11 a.m. CET - Central European Time. Just 15 minutes later, the Chatham Islands, which belong to New Zealand and are a good 800 kilometers away from their capital, were celebrating. The archipelago includes 10 islands. The sky lit up Samoa and Tonga around 12pm. New Zealand follows quickly. The Baker and Howland Islands will be the last to start the New Year, 26 hours after the Kiribati archipelago - and a full 13 hours after us.

Feuerberg in Berlin Friedrichstrasse -  Melia-Hotel (Ausblick um 0 Uhr) - Pressefoto: Helga Waess (Archiv)

Happy New Year 2024: When is today where tomorrow?

  1.     11 a.m.: Kiribati - in the Pacific first slips into 2024
  2.     12 p.m.: Auckland - New Zealand follows an hour later - the New Year's Eve fireworks from the Auckland Sky Tower are legendary
  3.     2 p.m.: Sydney - Downunder - in Australia every year the pyro show takes place on the big Harbor Bridge around the Opera House in Sydney Harbor / this year light projections are planned that show fireworks that don't pollute the air!!!
  4.     4 p.m.: Tokyo - Japan - South Korea - a full 8 hours before CET, people will visit the temples and light fireworks over Tokyo
  5.     5 p.m.: Beijing - China - according to the Gregorian calendar, the New Year begins here at 5 p.m. - but the turn of the year in the large country is celebrated geographically across five time zones and extends over several hours
  6.     5 p.m.: Singapore and the Philippines 
  7.   6 p.m.: Bangkok – Thailand - and other countries in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia
  8. 7.30 p.m.: New Delhi - India - After all, this is where most people, i.e. around 1.4 billion inhabitants, start the year 2024
  9.     9 p.m.: Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia - Dubai: United Arab Emirates - three hours before us the fireworks start the New Year here at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
  10.     10 p.m.: Istanbul - Turkey - the west of Russia - various starts in East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia) - and in the Middle East (such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia)
  11.     11 p.m.: Kiev - Ukraine - Greece - Finland - the Baltic States - Egypt - Israel - South Africa
  12.     12 a.m.: Germany then says “Happy New Year!” 46 other countries such as Italy, Spain, d. H. our nine neighboring countries - Norway - Sweden. France illuminates the Champs Élysée in front of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. But Algeria, Tunisia and other African countries are also ringing in the New Year with us!
  13.     1 a.m.: Ireland - Portugal - Senegal - United Kingdom - one hour after us, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland follow. Big Ben will chime twelve bells before the big fireworks display begins at the London Eye Ferris wheel in front of the Thames.
  14.     4 a.m.: Argentina - Uruguay - Brazil - at 4 a.m. CET it's “Feliz Ano Novo!” The famous Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro becomes a party mile!
  15. 6 a.m.: - East Canada - Jamaica - Cuba - USA - New York's Times Square gets colorful and the famous confetti shower takes place every year
  16.     7 a.m.: Mexico - Costa Rica - Parts of the USA (cities like Dallas and Chicago)
  17.     9 a.m.: Los Angeles – USA (West Coast)
  18.     11 a.m.: Honolulu – USA
  19.     12 p.m.: American Samoa
  20.     1 p.m.: Baker and Howland Islands - USA - now the last part of the planet has its fireworks a full 26 hours after Kiribati